Michael Aharauka

A branding and marketing strategist by day, and an Entrepreneur by night. 

About Michael.

Branding | Marketing | Strategy


I simplify complex data and develop strategies that produce results.


You don't need Coca-Cola budget to get your customers to know, like and trust you.


I can place your products/services at the front and centre of your customers online journey.


You have  questions about branding, marketing or sales, I have the answers you seek.

Creative & Design

I use designs to communicate to your audience. From web pages and sales funnels to  social media creatives.


I write well enough to get your customers to pay for your products/services using texts.

Have a project that you need help with? Then I am the guy you should call. Let’s work together.

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Blog Posts.

I discuss business, marketing, and strategy. I also share my personal opinion on personal finance and investing.